Durkin and Levine: 401(k)s Will Help Solve Illinois’ Pension Crisis
Feb 18, 2014

Passage of last year’s pension reform bill is the first step to repair the health of the state’s broken pension system. Significantly, the bill establishes a direct contribution (DC) option for state workers and teachers. The DC plan is a retirement savings plan similar to 401(k)’s offered to most private sector workers.… [+]


A pension solution — use Social Security formula
Feb 11, 2013

In the classic “sword vs. gun” scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones encounters a massive assassin ominously wielding a three-foot sword. We all remember Indy taking pause, shrugging, grabbing his pistol and killing his adversary with one shot.… [+]


Illinois’ escalating pension crisis – and what to do about it
Oct 8, 2012

Essential reform efforts recently failed due to a fundamental disagreement over whether the solution requires predominantly increasing taxes or reforming the system’s runaway cost drivers.


Cost Shift Will Make Pension Problem Worse
Aug 20, 2012

The state created and mismanaged the current system; foisting its cost onto the local school districts usurps local authority and is unfair. Our homes cannot be provided to Springfield politicians as collateral to fix their failed pension system.

Springfield capitol

Letter to Leader Cross Referencing Madigan Pension Bill
May 30, 2012

The current bill is weak on reform and powerful in punishing Illinois citizens with higher taxes and less economic opportunity.


Governor Quinn Comes Up Short on Pension Reform
May 3, 2012

So the only way the governor’s plan works is if workers voluntarily and irrationally elect to reduce their own benefits. Good luck with that.


Rhode Island has right idea on pensions
Apr 11, 2012

Taxpayers will continue insisting on a realistic pension system that does not guarantee an endless cycle of crisis and tax hikes. We can see how a “blue” state like Rhode Island produced a compromise solution that achieved real reform.

Springfield capitol

Letter to Leader Cross re TRS
Apr 9, 2012

It is imperative that TRS officials are planning necessary actions to ensure current funds are not being depleted that will result in severe impairment of benefits to future retirees.

PBS image

PBS Chicago Tonight – Pension Reform
Nov 20, 2011

Marc debates AFSCME representative Anders Lindahl with Carol Marin.


Champion News Talk Radio with Marc Levine
Nov 17, 2011

Have we already gone over the cliff? Is there no return to fiscal solvency without extreme pension reform?


Marc Levine discusses pension reform on WGN radio
Nov 10, 2011

Marc Levine, senior fellow of pensions and investment policy at the Illinois Policy Institute, joins WGN radio host John Williams to discuss the state pension crisis.


Two sides of the pension debate
Nov 9, 2011

Marc debates Cinda Kleckna, President of IEA.


Unions will regret not fixing pensions
May 28, 2011

With past contributions and assets spent, and in the absence of a state guaranty, taxpayer support and debt market availability, what is in store for current state workers and teachers in the coming years? Massive reductions in actual benefits.


Marc Levine Presents at “How Capitalism Will Save Us” Job Creation Summit
May 26, 2011

Marc’s speech walking activists through pension mess.


Pension Reform Begins

Based on our state’s poor track record of managing its pension system, a healthy skepticism of the current pension reform discussion is warranted.


Equality in Retirement Security
May 16, 2011

The great recession has punished Illinois citizens. Unrelenting unemployment, stagnant wages, declining home values and sagging investment portfolios have ravaged net worth. For those Illinois citizens at or near retirement age, this onslaught may bring fear that they will outlive their savings.


Where Daily Life and Policy Meet Interview With Pension Expert
May 9, 2011

Kristina Rasmussen, Illinois Policy Institute Interviews Marc Levine on Pension Crisis


Illinois Understates Its Pension Liability by $130 Billion
May 6, 2011

The roughly 3.5% to 4% “risk-free” discount rate represents a more accurate basis for liability valuation than the pensions system’s average 8.25% discount rate because pension benefits are owed to the state workers and teachers regardless of investment performance of pension assets.


Illinois Pension Crisis & Higher Taxes
May 2, 2011

Marc discusses the abyss which is the state of our Illinois financial crisis, the politicians that has allowed the IEA to ransack Illinois taxpayers and what the future holds for Illinois.


Illinois needs a solution to pension crisis, not more taxes or debt
Apr 25, 2011

Gov. Pat Quinn and fellow Democrats in the General Assembly recently added $3.7 billion of new debt to finance contributions to the pension systems. These billions are a light snack for our ravenous pension beast.




Marc Levine’s letter to editor featured in Wall Street Journal
Mar 8, 2012

Marc supports meaningful capital requirements for misunderstood money market industry.


Michael Douglas to help prosecute insider trading?
Mar 6, 2012

Our nation has serious policy and business to attend to, we deserve a thoughtful federal government rather than our current Animal House.


Marc Levine on WBBM Noon Business Hour
Nov 10, 2011

Illinois Policy Institute Senior Fellow Marc Levine discusses Italy, the Euro, a potential banking crisis, and his preference between Buffetts (Jimmy vs. Warren).


Marc Levine Interviewed on WBBM Noon Business Hour
Jun 8, 2011

Illinois Policy Institute Senior Fellow Marc Levine appeared on WBBM-AM 780′s Noon Business Hour to discuss the prospects for nationwide economic recovery as well as problematic flaws in federal financial regulations.


Debt Ceiling Discussion – Fox Chicago News At Noon
Jun 1, 2011

Concerns over the Debt Ceiling discussion on Fox Chicago News At Noon


The Death of Underwriting
May 26, 2011

Over a period of many years, assorted regulators developed rules in which nearly every institutional investment firm would be judged based on credit ratings provided by an objective third party: the statistical rating agencies. Now an objective measure of portfolio credit quality sounds like a sensible rule. Who could disagree?